Quickie F75 - Sunrise Medical

Outdoor performance and kerb climbing strength combined with the ultimate indoor manoeuvrability makes the F75 one of the most comprehensive powerchairs to own.

PowerTec F55 - Sunrise Medical

The very latest 3D design technology has produced the F55. It features include chunky alloy wheels, adjustable rear suspension and it is available in a wide selection of frame colours.


PowerTec F45 - Sunrise Medical


All-round ability and total flexibility make the F45 one of Europe's best sellers.

Titan – Karelma

The Titan is a powerful economy-priced Powerchair. It has incredible ground clearance whilst maintaining safety and comfort with its rear suspension.


TE-888w Nippy - Shoprider

The Nippy & snazzy powerchairs are the ultimate combination of style and comfort. It's short wheelbase allows it to be easily manoeuvred within the smallest spaces both in and outdoors. Direct drive rear wheels and electro mechanical disk brakes provide a safe and comfortable ride.


TE-888wa Snazzy - Shoprider

The whole unit can be dismantled in seconds to allow it to fit into almost any car boot.With its ergonomically engineered, fully adjustable seating, these Nippy and Snazzy provides the user with a chair at home both indoors and outdoors.

OK600 – Karelma

Quick release axle rear wheels of 600mm (24") diameter and standard spokes. Recommended for users who propel themselves. The New Deluxe aluminum lightweight wheelchair range - the ultimate in design, comfort and reliability.

OK600T – Karelma

With rear wheel of 315mm (12.5") diameter, the attendant propelled version.


Both models come complete with adjustable rear wheel height, flip-up arms, quick release swing away footrests and folding back for easy storage and transport.

Easy to use folding back,

8" solid front castors,

12" fixed rear wheels with wheel lock.