Little Gem- Sunrise Medical New


An innovation in Scooter design, the Little Gem is the ideal choice for those looking for a truly portable Scooter. Easy to dismantle, the revolutionary 'Gem-Lock' system allows for disassembly within seconds - all from the press of a lever. Also, the wireless connections ensure that the Scooter can be assembled as quickly as it was taken apart.

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Little Star - Sunrise Medical New


IThe Sunrise Medical Little Star incorporates the latest innovative designs to provide a compact and lightweight means of mobility. The Sunrise Medical Little Star can be used in confined spaces both indoors and out. The scooter can be easily dismantled without tools and will fit into the boot of most vehicles for easy transportation. The Sunrise Medical Little Start is compact, lightweight and easily transported have been the main consideration in the design of this scooter.

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Microlite 3 - Sunrise Medical


Introducing the new MicroLite scooter range from Sterling. An innovation in scooter design and functionality, the MicroLite range is probably the most comprehensive range of transportable scooters available. Stylish, practical and fun to drive, let a MicroLite scooter bring a little colour into your life.

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Sapphire LS - Sunrise Medical


The compact design allows excellent access indoors combined with great outdoor performance. With 20 years of experience in the design, the Sapphire offers outstanding reliability, performance and comfort. Our latest LS model has been configured to offer even greater value.

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Elite XS - Sunrise Medical


The Sterling Elite XS has been designed for those who want to go just that little bit further. An 8mph scooter with all-round suspension and a fully adjustable seating solution, the Elite XS offers the ultimate in ride comfort, performance and style.

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Hercules K8 – Karelma

The Hercules is our flagship luxury 4-wheel scooter with Full class 3 capability - complete with luxury Captains seat and wheelie shopping basket with separate cold-box. The Power Ranger is a Hercules with bigger batteries, motors, battery charger and has a range of some 45 miles.

Pegasus K38 – Karelma

The Pegasus is a Class 3 scooter, 8MPH (13KPH) road legal 12" wheels.

Great hill and kerb climbing capabilities - but still disassembles to fit into your car.

Kensington – Worldwide Mobility

Distinctive Styling, Easy to use controls. Comfortable seat - rotates, slides*, height adjustable

Lift up arms for easy access

Sturdy shopping basket

Infinitely adjustable steering column. Maintenance-free sealed batteries. Front and rear lights. Indicator lights and pneumatic wheels

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Mayfair – Freerider

Distinctive Styling, Easy to use controls. Comfortable seat - rotates, slides*, height adjustable. Lift up arms for easy access. Sturdy shopping basket. Infinitely adjustable steering column. Maintenance-free sealed batteries. Front and rear lights. Styled 10 inch pneumatic wheels

GoGo Elite Traveller – Pride

Pride were the first to introduce the true 4 wheeled travel mobility scooter that folded easily with the Go-Go in 2002

It has the option of 17 amp hour batteries and 12amp hour yet it has retained the same overall size size. It folds with ease with no wiring loom to disconnect. Has good legroom a padded seat 8" rear wheels and offers a smooth comfortable drive

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Super Sovereign – Shoprider

The shoprider deluxe line offers prestige and class combined with unparalleled stability, style and the latest technology. All at an economical price. These scooters come fully equipped with some of our most popular accessories: front wicker basket, non-marking tires, tiller mounted recharge plug and battery power indicator, and several choices of colors.

Celebrity X6 – Pride

The Pride Celebrity X6 Mobility Scooter is a 6mph model that comes loaded with standard features that make it easy to use

A standard deluxe seat and adjustable delta tiller with wraparound handles makes the Celebrity X6 a perfect blend of comfort, convenience and performance

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Celebrity XL 8 – Pride


Long range luxury Class 3 mobility scooter suitable for road or pavement use having a variable speed up to 8mph. The suspension, larger wheels, better seats and extra features of these long range mobility scooters add to the safety and enjoyment of the ride